BeBobi is a brand that combine functionality with modern design.

Created for families with kids and furkids. Our mission is to create products to express happiness and make the world more colorful and by functionality of BeBobi products we want to support you in your passion.

Know us better


Founder 🙂

Always happy and full of energy. He adores lying on a comfortable sofa, loves long, joyful walks which allows him to know new places and to get new dog’s friends.

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Know us better


Creator and administrator 🙂

Sewing passionate. Create own brand using several years of expirience in quality management systems. Faithfully devoted to her dog’s boss😉 With possitive energy, whenever possible spends time travelling with Bobi .

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Why BeBobi?

Everything started in October 2015. We visited dog shelter in Gaj (Greaterpoland). We went there to take dogs for a walk, just spend the time in a good way. Honestly, I was very scared of this visit … as a very sensitive person for dog’s stories I thought that I couldn’t make it … but faitfully every thing was great! And in the first cage we met Bobi… It was his name in the shelter, he lived there for a year, and he was 10 years old. Unfortunately he had low chances, as a senior, for adoption. Despite his sad story, he was so happy seeing people! Well, it was love at first sight:) In November he already lived with us! 🙂 Bobi was 10 years old and I had 10 years of work experience … Good job, good salary what more could I want … well ?! 🙂


Every free time, we packed ourselves and drove with Bobi out of town. It is amazing that despite the age and the fact that Bobi probably didn’t travel a lot before, he likes car travelling, ok he sleeps all the time;) We bought some seat covers, but all of them were ordinary, sad, thin … and then an idea for own functionaly style became … Finally after some time, during one of our trip I told my husband that I want to leave my job and start working alone for myself, creating dog’s design 🙂

I did what I said, on 30/06/2017 I ended my job and I started by my own. I knew the name of my company, there was no doubt about it 🙂 BeBobi – be like Bobi in his new life! Wagging tail, playing even alone:) bark with happyness and sleep upside down until 10:00a.m.;)))) Just be happy:)

This is how unique, functional, waterproof and colorful seat covers were created. And we still develope 🙂 different sizes, different models, different patterns and colors. And this is not the end, we already know it…!

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